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A black and white drawing and map of the Glen Park

Announcement for A Dog’s Nose View

Sunday 24 March

Spoon and Bloom invite you to explore the park through the nose of you favourite four legged friend – experience the park anew a through the most sensitive part of your dog’s anatomy. As we create a map of Dog’s impressions of the park we ask “What would the park feel like if we were more animal?”


A poster announcing A Dog's Nose View Event on Sunday 24 March
Poster for a dog’s Nose View

Spoon and bloom have been wondering about this for some time and are curious to find what other humans make of their canine sensibilities. Annie Mar and Aaron will be taking morning walks in the Park throughout the month of March and they may just invite you into a conversation about your best friend’s favourite haunts and may even volunteer a doggy portrait.

Below is a memory map created by Annie Mar. I wonder how different would this look were she a Mutt?

A black and white drawing and map of the Glen Park
Memory Map of the Glen by Annie Mar