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Gleann a' Phúca

The Six Artist Propositions for Gleann a’ Phúca


FuaimMná is a proposed audio trail celebrating women, both past and present, of the Glen River Park. Inspired by the women’s stories, the artist will write poetry and prose to share with you via sound installations placed from bridge to bridge. The natural acoustics will provide the soundscape as you follow the Glen River.

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Spoon & Bloom

Growing up near the Glen, Annie has a long-standing relationship with the park. She has memories of playing in the sand of the quarry, the apocalyptic Mad Max-esque environment of the steep dunes and indeterminate danger. She created secret clubs in the bush of the laurel tree with her friend Laurel before they knew how to identify a laurel leaf. Once or twice Aaron and Annie have put up a hammock in the trees at the Sun View entrance and

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Ordinary Gifts

I propose to work with interested participants through running a series of walks, sensory explorations and creative sessions in the Glen Park. We will explore ways we approach and encounter the non-human inhabitants of the valley and how we can learn to hone our ability to be Joy-full and say thank you in simple practical ways.

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Gleann a Phúca Hornpipe

Working with storyteller Damian Punch, and Glen native and historian Gerard O’Brien, I propose to produce a twenty-minute audio and theatre piece, “Gleann a’ Phúca” (working title), which embodies the voice of the Glen. This collaboration will be breaking new ground for my practice. We will look back in history to uncover a joyful story, which will promote pride in the Glen’s rich history. Drawing on the local knowledge of Gerard O’Brien, who grew up in the Glen, we will

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Seasonal Colour Trees

I propose create a series of 4 temporary sculptural forms in The Glen River Park, using dead tree branches found in the locality, painting them using a carefully researched palette that describes the colour tones of a specific season and area of The Glen. The sculptures will be displayed for 2 weeks each in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Each sculpture will be displayed at the opposite time of year from the season it represents, contrasting it with the colours

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Bold Boys and Bold Girls

The Glen acts as a marginal or liminal space outside of the norm. Bold boys and girls hang, testing and learning. Influenced by the play costume photos from the Fleischmann archive of the dance school of Joan Denise Moriarty, we hope to echo these interventions in a contemporary way.

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