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Big River Watch 3-6th May weekend 2024

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The Rivers Trust is doing a Big River Watch on the May Bank Holiday Weekend

If you are out and about and near a river – or if you want to go especially to your favourite river you can join in.

You will need to spend 15 minutes by the rivers edge. You will take  photo – you will log how you feel, what the water looks like -is it fast moving or slow? The colour of the water, if there are any signs of pollution

you can  see some findings from their Big river watch in September 2023 here

You can find out more and download the Big River Watch App here

Here is what they say:

You’ll tell us about the things that you see – from wildlife and plants, to the flow speed of the water and whether you can spot any pollution. If you don’t know what you’re looking at, use our handy in-app ID guides for pollution and wildlife.

Then, we’ll gather up all of your results and our river specialists will get busy analyzing the information. We’ll be making the data publicly available, so that it can be useful not just for us at The Rivers Trust; other environmental organizations, journalists or community groups can also use it to help in the fight for healthier, wilder rivers.

The app and survey are open year-round, so you can keep recording useful information about your local river at any time, if you wish.

Share your experience and your photos on social media using #BigRiverWatch.