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Creative February with St Marks BNS

We had a great day on Thursday talking about the Glen – looking at plant life and talking about what lives in the water. I showed a video clip of a kick sample we made in the Glen River. The boys were impressed by the blood worms and leeches in the water,

They were alos delighted to see the CHIPPY graffiti on the mound in Annie Mar’s map, We talked about “the Mountain” the oak tree and the swing…. and they loved seeing Eanna ní Lamhna’s RTE umbrella and shaking spiders from the trees, we didn’t even get onto the Hatch and the Fleischmann “haunted” end.
We splashed about with my Glen botanical inks – making the connection with water and the river flows, making images of what we know and seeing how the colours change as they interact with one another, the paper and the air.

here ‘s the video of the kick sample:

a kick sample of Glen river water

A photograph of a leech attached to a leaf
a leech attached to a leaf
A photograph of boys drawing together
drawing in what we know
A photograph of boys creating a map
drawing in what we know
a photograph showing different colours and textures of ink
experimenting with the flow of the ink