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Dawn Chorus

5 May 2024
A photograph of a Robin holding its wing in front of its face

Dawn Chorus

SUNDAY 5 May 5.30 am

Meeting point 5.30 am at Keatings Car Park, Ballyhooley Road T23 A440

A photograph of a pathway through trees and the sun rising

As the sun rises in the east of the valley we can experience the magical first light and offerings from our favourite garden birds, we will be tuning in to a glittering wave of vocalisations, familiar and unfamiliar. Expert members from Birdwatch Ireland Cork will introduce us to the different songs…and we can enjoy the harmonies as the males compete for territory and a mate.

NB Sorry no dogs this time

Please come prepared 🙂

Wear suitable outdoor clothing for morning chills and muddy terrain.

We will be going ahead in all kinds of weather… bear in mind that we may be standing still and listening, the walk will be a slow one – prepare to keep warm and dry and wear sensible footwear for the weather

Bring a torch

It will be dark upon arrival

We will gather at the Glen Resource Centre afterwards for warm drinks & chats

The wellness room at the back of the Glen Resource Centre is a beautiful custom built wooden building with catering facilities for groups and gatherings like ours. We will access the building through…

Gleann a' Phúca

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