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All about Rain Gardens

23 May 2024
image showing a rain garden

All about Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens || Flow through Planters

Thursday 23 May 11-12.30

image showing a rain garden

You are invited to come and learn about Rain Gardens with The Glen Community Gardens in collaboration with Gleann a Phúca.

Rainwater Planters are boxes with plants that use rainwater from your roof and in doing so they can absorb up to 30% of runoff that would normally flow into city drains.
Imagine if every home in Cork had a beautiful rain garden, feeding healthy plants with clean untreated rainwater, reducing demand on public water supplies, helping to alleviate the burden on city drains and bringing us into the water cycle with sustainable management practices and environmental stewardship.
In this talk and demo you will see how a rain garden works and see how you can build one from basic materials. We will share a film about Bí Urban’s award winning Rain Garden Project in Dublin and talk about the potential for building rain gardens in our community.



The 3 key functions of rain gardens

This is a free event, supported from the Local Authority Water Programme

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Gleann a' Phúca

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