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Mapping Plant life and Botanical walk

26 May 2024
an ink drawing of plants in the Glen

Mapping Plant life and Botanical walk

10 – 1pm SUNDAY 26 May in The Glen Park

Gleann a Phúca invites you to a day of getting up close and personal with plant life in the Glen with Spoon and Bloom and Jo Goodyear.

It’s May! It’s a time to celebrate the unique bio-diversity of the Glen River Park

Do you have special memories of the Glen River Park?

Are you keen to find out more about its mysteries?

Would you like to hear other people’s stories about the park?

Would you like to find out more about the plant life here from a herbalist’s perspective?

an ink drawing of plants in the Glen
a collaborative ink drawing by participants in our inaugural workshop on 22 September 2023

Join us for an inspiring afternoon of stories, drawing and discovery of the Glen River Park as we embark on a journey through time and terrain. We will unearth cherished memories of the park through guided drawing activities, while fostering connections with fellow adventurers. We will explore how the nature of the Glen River Park enhances our lives and provides an environment for a myriad of other life forms in the heart of our neighbourhood. The second half of our workshop will be a walk through the park with botanist Jo Goodyear, who will be guided by our stories and expand on our understandings of the life in the park. We will collect drawings as we go, examining the minutiae of the valley. We will then come together at the end to collectively map our journey and add our findings, plotting the distinctive species as well as our own special areas and treasures of the park. ”

The event is free, and open to all, and all materials will be provided

Spoon and Bloom have been commissioned by Gleann a’Phúca to create an animation about the Glen Park. We are currently collecting stories of the park, if you have some you would like to share please email: bloomandspoon@gmail.comCreative Ireland Creativer Climate Action Logo

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