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World Water Weekend Citizen Science

23 March 2024
image showing water fauna

World Water Weekend Citizen Science

World Water Weekend Saturday 23 – Sunday 24 March 12 – 1 pm

Poster announcing What's in the water event
Poster for What’s in the Water?

Click to see a Glen water kick sample

image showing water fauna
the sensitive water fauna who need clean water
image showing creatures
these guys thrive in poor quality water

The Glen River runs through our community, have you ever wondered about its health?

We are inviting you to consider Seven Questions about our River:

What Lives in the River?

What does the River Carry?

What Threatens the River?

How can you Protect the River?

What would you Wish for your River?

If you Asked the river what would (the river) Say?

What does the River Bring to you?

On Saturday 23 March Cathereine Seale Duggan, community water officer will be leading us on a deep dive into the water, seeking out the tiny life forms organisms that exist in the water.

Come and joins us from 12 am – 1pm to carry out kick sampling by the bridge.

Will we find the elusive Caddis fly larva or the Mayfly that exist only in clean water or will we find blood worms that can exist in really polluted rivers? Perhaps we will be surprised!

Come and find out what those life forms can tell us about the health of the water.

We will be looking closely and documenting what we find.

Linger a while – later we will be doing a slow walk around the ponds looking at other life forms, and connecting with our local body of water. See our website for updates on the events



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