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Eanna with umbrella

Equinox Walk with Éanna Ní Lamhna

Equinox Launch with Éanna Ní Lamhna: Friday 22 Sept 2023inks and roses

photo by Wellyboot

What a great launch day we had with Éanna Ní Lamhna at the Glen Resource and Sports Centre.
We explored our connection with the Glen River Park using bramble and oak gall inks, and willow and alder charcoal, remembering what we already knew about the place.

Then Eanna guided us on a magical mystery tour int the park the drama unfolding before us a sparrow hawk flew overhead, causing consternation among the magpies in the depths of the valley. Éanna rattled the trees mischievously, as hunter spiders showered down upon our heads.

Eanna ni Lamhna catching hunter spiders
Éanna catches hunter spiders
Eanna Ni Lamhna talking in the Glen
Éanna Spellbinds her audience

We found out about the red blood of the Alder tree and its connection with knights of the Red Branch, we heard about the Púca spitting on the blackberries at Halloween, we stumbled upon the downy woolly vests and cast out feathers of pigeons, worn along one edge.

ink drawing of a sparrow hawk
It was no time before we had to return for sustenance and the launch of the new augmented Hidden River Valley booklet about the Glen.
Warmest thanks to Catherine Seale community water officer and The Local Authority Water Programme (LAWPro) our sponsors for the day, reprint and production of The Glen Hidden Valley booklet and to Emer O’Brien and all the crew at the Glen Resource Centre.
We took the opportunity to announce our forthcoming Creative Climate Action Programme (see the events page for upcoming Spoon & Bloom workshops)

and our Youth Outreach Programme – Please do get in touch if you are a group who would like to work with G a’P artists 🙂