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Imagining the Glen blog post

Imagining the Glen with the Mayfield Youth Café 4 November 2023

We had a lovely scrummy mucky splashy squishy session today at the Mayfield Youth Cafe with Rachel Coffey and girls from the Traveller Community. Feeling our way into our imaginations, bringing forth places in the Glen Park, even if we haven’t been there yet, talking about apple tress and rivers.

a photograph of a model of the glen made by children
imagining out of the page and into space
 amodel of vegetation made by children
An Island by the river
A table with children at work on a model of a river valley
Creating the Glen river valley in 3D from the imagination
A piece of blue playdoh with red berries in it
The apples have fallen into the water
A child's hand and a model of a tree
The apples have fallen from the tree


We talked and drew about  what we would like to do for a project about our neighbourhood – The Glen

child painting with natural inks from blackberries and oakgalls and wax crayons
Covering the bright crayons work with the dark ink
A child mixing ink in a pot
Mixing the purple berry ink with the black oak gall ink
A round table with inky drawings and children's hands
talking and drawing about our ideas for our project
A child painting with ink
Writing our words for our project and layering up our drawings