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a photo of the Glen river running through wetlands

Ordinary Gifts on World Wetland Day

Celebrating WORLD WETLANDS DAY on SUNDAY 4 February – 11.00 -13.00

Gleann a’ Phúca invites you to Ordinary Gifts participatory experiences exploring the life of the river, through fine tuning our awareness, playful activities and interactions.

“An Exploration of the river and its life, through walking, listening, water divining and other sensory activities designed to heighten our awareness of the river as a living entity.” Elinor Rivers, visual artist, Ordinary Gifts

We will meet at the bridge at the bottom of the Zigzag (Ballyhooley road Car Park) 11 am and walk through the park, exploring our connection with the river through a series of interactions with water and the life of the river’s embankments
Activities on the day will be lively and varied to suit February weather … a short walk to observe the river’s trees, plants and birds leading to the playful creation of a web of life to better understand its wetlands eco system.
A Deep listening exercise to tune in to the waters ‘music’
Using water divining to trace the rivers underground currents and electro magnetic aspects.
And finally a visit to the well to mark St Bridget’s Day.
Activities are designed to increase our awareness of the positive affects of living water on our health and wellbeing while tuning us into the reality that Rivers are living entities

Suitable for all who wish to attend 🙂
Bring weather appropriate clothing and footwear as we will be going ahead in all weathers!


a photograph of a river with overhanging branches
River at the Ninth Crossing image by Julie Forrester